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The Internet of Things is about connecting sensors embedded in everyday objects like cars, washing machines, home appliances, and street lights with the internet. These objects are enabled to send and receive data so that they can ‘talk’ with each other, with the user, the developer, or the maintenance company technician. Because more and more objects today have embedded sensors that produce loads of data, we need to find smart ways of analyzing this huge amount of data.

In a constantly changing and competitive marketplace, the Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to drastically change every industry field. If you are looking for a new ways to make your business modern and competitive, IoT is the way to go.

Internet of Things means, that your devices can now communicate with each other and transmit information without human intervention, giving you the solutions and the flexibility you need. So you can provide high-quality products and services to your own customers while reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring maximum productivity.


Monitor and manage multiple devices (e.g. vehicles, refrigerators / freezers, photovoltaic, alarms, lifts, etc.) across your company’s network.



Reduce unnecessary maintenance costs as well as operational support costs.



Increase your productivity and improve your service performance as well as the quality of your products.



Improve the customer service of the company by remote controlling company’s devices, as well as saving time of technicians or other personnel visiting remote facilities.



Energy saving with multiple benefits for the environment and your company.



Transforming Lives & Businesses

Most of IoT devices consist of five main diverse applications: Home-buildings, Transport-Logistics, Health, Retail-Industries and Cities!

Whatever industry you’re in, the potential benefits of IoT are immense. SkyIoT service provides a dedicated IoT service management platform that simplifies and facilitates the day-to-day operation of IoT and telematics applications!

Home – Buildings

Every aspect of home life

• Smart TVs connect to the internet to access content through applications.

• Pet care can be automated with connected feeders.

• Houseplants and lawns can be watered by way of connected timers.

• Kitchen appliances, smart coffee makers that can brew you a fresh cup as soon as your alarm goes off; smart refrigerators that keep track of expiration dates, make shopping lists or even create recipes.

• Smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely and customized and detect when occupants are in the room and adjust lighting as needed. Smart lightbulbs can also regulate themselves based on daylight availability.

• Thermostats with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing users to schedule, monitor and remotely control home temperatures as they also learn homeowners’ behaviors and automatically modify settings to provide residents with maximum comfort and efficiency but also report energy use.

• Using smart locks and garage-door openers, users can grant or deny access to visitors. Smart locks can also detect when residents are near and unlock the doors for them.

• With smart security cameras, residents can monitor their homes when they are away or on vacation. Smart motion sensors can notify authorities if suspicious behavior is detected.

Transport – Logistics

Track, optimise and secure your vehicles & delivery chain

Our fleet telematics service gathers vehicle usage data, enabling you to remotely track and monitor your vehicles’ locations and condition via extensive reporting and mapping. This makes a wide range of insights available for the accurate management of information about the vehicle fleet.

Crash reconstruction, remote diagnostics, fuel consumption and driving behaviour presents powerful information tool to manage fleets and enhance a responsible use of vehicles.

Whether you work in manufacturing, security, health or logistics and have valuable mobile assets such as machinery, pallets, containers or even electric bicycles, it is essential to track them. Only then can you optimise your costs and increase your efficiency while gaining peace of mind that your freight is safe and secure during its journey.


In healthcare, it’s helping clinicians deliver better care to individuals and improve their wellbeing—with medication alerts, real-time ambulance tracking, heart monitoring devices and so much more.

IoT-powered remote care solutions

We design solutions to meet your needs and integrate your patient devices with our hardware, software and managed connectivity. You can then link device data and required medication, and monitor everything in real time to ensure stock visibility, medication reminders and patient alerts. While using the new generation of connectivity, IoT sensors and apps, your IoT data is protected and encrypted to the highest standards.

Remote monitoring enables doctors to consult and review real-time patient data, reducing emergency admissions and the number of home visits and appointments needed. Patients are empowered to get on with their lives; clinicians can see more patients each day, and quickly involve colleagues around the world to consult on challenging cases. Remote monitoring is transformative in rural or emerging markets, where healthcare services may be limited. It’s ideal for conditions such as sleep apnoea, where compliance data may be a regulatory requirement — as well as other chronic ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems that require ongoing intervention.

Retail – Industries

Every sale is a journey: from desire, to point of sale (real, virtual or both) to purchase. IoT is increasingly powering that journey, gathering data at every step of the way. It’s augmenting retailers’ insights and strategic planning.

Retailers are using IoT to revolutionise the shopping experience by building in-store engagement, enhancing their marketing, monitoring footfall , plotting customer movement and maximising supply chain visibility. Retail is now all about providing consumers with satisfying and compelling experiences, not just ensuring the shelves are well-stocked.

Sky IoT solutions provide efficient, cost-effective automated information gathering.

In industries like manufacturing, it’s helping increase productivity, while improving safety, reducing costs and protecting the environment. By providing efficient, cost-effective, automated information gathering, our IoT technology is transforming the entire manufacturing process. From asset tracking to remote monitoring, from fleet management to environmental measurement, it is enabling businesses to streamline their operations.

Smart Cities

Making life smarter

Smart cities are necessary to adapt to the demands of urban growth. IoT technology lies at the heart of a smart city, improving the lives of the citizens within it. The IoT-enabled smart city can reroute traffic around congestion in real time, automatically schedule repairs for failed infrastructure like street lighting or bridges, and intelligently manage energy use and pollution right across the built environment. It can protect citizens and businesses from crime more effectively, and safeguard vulnerable citizens in their homes.

From public transport to public safety, it is changing the way we interact with our environment. IoT-enabled lights can cut the need for regular engineer check-ups by alerting authorities before they fail. IoT can also help reduce electricity costs, with lights able to intelligently detect when there is little or no traffic and turn themselves off or dim. IoT smart devices can reduce carbon emissions, optimize waste collection and monitor breathing air quality.

Sky IoT 4U

At Skytrack, our mission is to help you simplify IoT. We offer a wide range of high-quality, end-to-end solutions to meet your specific requirements. With our expertise at your side, you can rest assured that every element of your project will run smoothly from start to finish.

Integrated Terminals

From air conditioning units to point-of-sale kiosks, digital signage and security systems, our integrated terminals, with embedded connectivity, deliver secure, transparent, reliable information exchange between devices.

Asset Tracking

Our mobile asset tracking services makes your valuable data accountable to you. Across all sectors, safeguard anything in the field and gain high visibility, taking the guesswork out of freight shipping.

Smart Meters and Grids

We’re pioneering new approaches to energy supply and delivery. Smart meters and grids service improve the efficiency of supply with an on-demand approach that meets the exact demands of your customers.

Monitoring and Control

Connecting enterprise assets, such as printers, vending machines, lifts or even heart monitors, and receiving live updates on their operational status presents a huge opportunity. This enables process automation.

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