How fast food delivey companies use GPS to inform their customers about the estimated time of arrival of their order.

Pizza and takeout food delivery companies, compete daily for a piece of the market. Most families and individuals do not choose to spend their time in their kitchen especially on Friday and Saturday nights when demand sky rockets.
The decision to order dinner is an easy choice, both kids and parents love the taste of pizza and takeout food, but with so many of them ordering the same thing on the weekends, long delays in service is a big concern for pizza companies. It’s here that fleet management steps in as an important tool to increase customer service.

Higly competitive

From small-time businesses to major food chains compete for the same market in a highly saturated and competitive industry. Most of the problems arise form order routing. It’s the essential factor, poor routing has a big impact on fuel costs and delivery time. There are many instances that customers receive their order with a big delay or even cold.

GPS tracking gives a simple and easy solution to efficient routing.

Why use real time GPS monitoring?

Businesses especially small ones can keep track of their drivers by recording every stop a pizza driver makes or his route to delivery. This will allow management to figure out whether he is using inefficient routes or is excessive in his use of fuel.

However, some pizza companies have been experimenting with live tracking systems that allow their customers to go online to see the exact location of the delivery service vehicle that’s bringing them their dinners. This gives them the ability to know when the delivery gets on their doorstep.

With the help of Skytrack’s GPS tracking for delivery tracking management, anyone can keep track of their delivery. So whether you’re in the business for takeout food or pizza, or even a restaurant that makes delivery, you can make use of this technology to have an edge over business competitors. Optimal route with reduced fuel costs and unnecessary stops while the customers will know live when they’ll receive their order.

Give your customers the ability to track their order.