How car rental companies use GPS tracking and what are their benefits against their competition.

car rental companies benefits

Car rental is one of the fastest growing businesses in the transport industry today. The major dilemma that business owners face is whether their vehicle fleet should be monitored through a reliable GPS tracking system. If you happen to own a car rental company and contemplating about investing in one or not, then read what it can do for you and your company.

Prevention of theft

Vehicles being stolen would be the first thing that comes in mind to any operator in the car rental industry, when somenone mentions GPS tracking for their fleet. Cars are items of value and are most likely the target of thieves. Being able to monitor their location and when they are brought, helps you protect your company assets. In case it actually gets stolen, then you’ll be able to contact authorities to recover it.

Customer Service

But for some operators, a GPS tracking system is used more for logistics than for preventing theft. Using a GPS tracking system helps car rental companies to be more efficient and improve customer service.

  • Schedule delivery of vehicles to customers.

  • Check status of vehicles that are supposed to be returned soon.

  • Send notification to customers about delivery of vehicle at their door.

  • Use streets live traffic to organize your timetables.

All that are widely known, but where is the real benefit?

Customer’s Eco driving and maintenance costs

Maintenance and employee costs are particuraly high in the car rental business. If your customers return the vehicles in a parking space at an airport, those high parking fees charged by the airport can be a big issue. To cut down these fees, a staff member can check the GPS trackers each morning to see if any vehicles were left at the airport and can be picked up, thus saving parking fees.

If your company charges more for mileage when the vehicle travel cross border, Skytrack’s GPS trackers gives physical proof to charge the renter for cross border mileage.

A GPS system’s tracking technology not only helps pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location but it also measures speed. This can come in handy if a renter gets a speeding ticket. When the customer returns home and doesn’t pay the ticket, in many countries the government asks the rental companies to pay it. A GPS device monitoring speed can be a proof of speeding.

But the main benefit is that a car rental company can use Skytrack’s GPS system to offer a discount to customers that take good care of the rented car. Driving fast, harsh breaking, engine rev up, and bad driving style in general can wear of the car. Maintenance cost for such cars are high and frequent and it is a cost that many rental companies don’t account for it untill it is too late. Moreover when a car is off for maintenamce can’t be used for renting, thus cutting off revenue.

With Skytrack’s reports, car rental companies can offer a % off the rental price of the vehicle to those customers that drive according to their rules. In such a way both the customer and the rental company are happy, the customer has a discount and the rental company has a car that doesn’t need out of schedule and frequent maintenance.

Car Rental companies reducing costs by customer’s eco driving.