Add value to your services offering fleet security to your customers

Security teams main objective is monitoring their assigned assets with a quick and easy way. Monitoring can be achived with software solutions, but there is a catch! Due to huge variety of tracking devices that are implemented around the globe and the vast difference of types of assets that need to be protected, tracking software needs to be flexible, adaptable and able to work with any device.

Keep It Simple

Main priority of a private security company, whether it offers protection for personnel or assets, is the high efficiency of its team members and their services. Security companies that are already on board with GPS tracking solutions to monitor their team members, make use of the following feautures inceasing efficincy, providing a better customer service at the same time.

  • Dispatching
  • Alerts
  • Reports

  • Live tracking
  • Monitor guard shifts

So far so good, but where is the added value of services?

Offering a GPS tracking solution for your clients vehicles

GPRS tracking platform allows you to track both your security personnel, protected people and objects, company assets and on top of those it can be used to offer to your customers, tracking services for their vehicles fleet. All in One platform!

The software is white label, supports almost every GPS tracking device and is fully customizable to suit every need. Put your own business logo, create accounts for every customer, manage and charge them for your services. You can have one tracking platform for all your services of your business.

It’s time to expand your services to new areas with the customers you already got!

All in One tracking and monitoring solution.

Security companies that benefit from cross selling.